As the Waterfront Holland initiative continues to pick up steam, we recently received 60 additional ideas at a focus group event held on Monday, November 19 at Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity.

Similar to other focus group events taking place the past three weeks across the area, the event gave members of the community a more intimate setting to hear about the waterfront and share thoughts about the future of the property.

Below is a look at results from other recent events and photos from Monday’s event!

Good Samaritan Ministries “Big View” (Nov. 1)- 40 attendees, 64 ideas and 9 paper surveys

WestCore + Washington School Neighbors Focus Group (Nov. 5)- 16 attendees, 32 ideas and 3 paper surveys

Holland High School Open House event (Nov. 8)- 100+ attendees, 100 ideas and 1 paper survey.