Preparation is underway for the future of Waterfront Holland. We continue to build on your feedback, and the next step is a closed series of stakeholder workshops led by local subject matter experts. These workshops will help create a frame for upcoming design charrettes including key transportation, sustainability, cultural and commercial considerations among others.

Following the workshop sessions, we have scheduled two four-day design charrettes on April 15-18 and May 20-23. The design charrettes are intensive, multi-day sessions where expert designers will work within our vision and guiding principles to generate several scenarios, first for the broader waterfront and then specific to the parcel of the James DeYoung power plant.

The design charrettes will be open for the public to attend, and we will share additional time and location information as it becomes available.

After the design charrettes are complete and we’ve refined several potential scenarios, Waterfront Holland will then present those scenarios to city council for feedback.

Interested in learning more about Charrettes? Check out this PowerPoint from the National Charrette Institute for the National Association of Realtors.

Charrettes PowerPoint