Beginning in 2018, the City of Holland (City) and the Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) initiated a
comprehensive and transparent effort to consider the possibilities for the redevelopment of the James De
Young (JDY) former coal-fired electric generating site. With the help and input of many community partners
and consultants, the Waterfront Holland community vision and guiding principles were adopted by City
Council in December 2020.

City consultants Hitchcock Design Group, Inc./S.B. Friedman then assisted in a process to facilitate the
implementation of specific Waterfront Holland development opportunities, releasing in May 2021 a
developer solicitation package outlining RFQ/RFP proposals. While three (3) interested respondents were
qualified by Council through the RFQ stage, only Geenen DeKock Properties (GDK) submitted an RFP
proposal. Through 2022, the City and GDK have been in a period of exclusive negotiations regarding their
proposal. The proposal executes a «land swap,» moving Verplanks to the JDY site and in combination with
other City property adjacent to Verplanks, provides GDK with property to provide a mixed-use development
in line with the Waterfront Holland vision.

It has always been identified that the City Charter requires that the City shall not sell, exchange, lease, or in
any way dispose of publicly-owned waterfront and/or utility property unless it is approved by a 3/5 majority vote.

On February 1, 2023, City Council approved the following ballot language for the May 2 election:

City of Holland
Proposition To Authorize The Sale Of
255 Kollen Park Drive and 64 Pine Ave. located in
The City of Holland, Ottawa County

Shall the City of Holland be authorized under Holland City Charter Sections 4.17 and
12.19 to sell the real property owned by the City of Holland known as:

a. 255 Kollen Park Drive, consisting of approximately 2.2463 acres, tax
parcel 70-16-30-298-006, and

b. 64 Pine Ave., consisting of approximately 17.2619 acres located in the City of
Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan, tax parcel 70-16-29-100-005,
in a manner to be determined by the Board for the Holland Board of Public Works and
the Holland City Council?