Over 200 community members attended the Waterfront Holland Facilitated Visioning Event at Holland Civic Center Place on Thursday, Dec. 13 to hear a presentation of the public feedback received so far about the future of the local waterfront.

The event was held following the collection of over 2,000 ideas and surveys from several local focus group events, open house events and additional feedback received on the Waterfront Holland website. It was the final event of 2018 and featured a Dotmocracy voting process to whittle down the feedback into a list of the top 10 potential elements of a vision.

The top 10 potential elements include:

  1. Waterfront for Everyone
  2. Connectivity
  3. Year-round
  4. Water views
  5. Waterfront recreation
  6. Public access
  7. Promote active lifestyles
  8. Walkable
  9. Complement downtown/current developments
  10. Visually appealing

The Waterfront Holland planning committee plans to take the next month to construct the final vision statement and principles for the waterfront and will announce their decisions and additional future events at waterfrontholland.org or on Facebook at Waterfront Holland.