A Vision for Our

What’s next for our waterfront

Waterfront Holland is an opportunity for our community to shape the future of Holland’s downtown waterfront. With inclusiveness and transparency, we are taking a comprehensive approach to gathering public input and developing a vision for what’s next.

How to get involved

Moving forward, there are two ways to become involved in this process. Whether you submit feedback online or sign up and attend an upcoming event, your ideas will help to shape a vision and a framework of principles that will impact decisions going forward.

Our Vision

Holland’s waterfront – a distinctive complement to our downtown weaving together water, land and people in a continuous thread of beauty and vibrancy… an adaptable and evolving place that celebrates a harmony of urban and natural uses… a walkable, year-round destination where water views abound, green spaces offer quiet respite and active play, and connected public access to the water is enhanced. This is the character of the waterfront we seek.

The latest news

As we take the next steps on Waterfront Holland, we are committed to remaining transparent. To achieve that goal, all new information on where we are and what opportunities are coming next can be found here or on our  Facebook Page.

Design charrettes next step in Waterfront Holland project

Waterfront Holland has announced the next steps in the transformation of Holland’s James DeYoung power plant and the surrounding area. Following a two-day stakeholder workshop earlier this month featuring subject matter experts, the Waterfront Holland initiative now...

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Waterfront Holland holds Stakeholder Workshop

This week, Waterfront Holland held a two-day stakeholder workshop for subject matter experts to come together and begin refining the vision for our future waterfront. In a series of focus group discussions, the Waterfront Holland team engaged stakeholders with the...

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What’s Next for Waterfront Holland

Preparation is underway for the future of Waterfront Holland. We continue to build on your feedback, and the next step is a closed series of stakeholder workshops led by local subject matter experts. These workshops will help create a frame for upcoming design...

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During Our Community Workshops & Site Tours, We Heard You!

Inclusive to All Residents, Age Groups, Abilities

Outdoor Entertainment, e.g. Concert, Arena

Affordable Housing
with a Park


Food Trucks

Waterfront Rooftop Restaurant Venue

Local Performance
Arts Center

Linked Well to Downtown with Bike Paths & Bus Stop

Sculpture Park, Encourage Arts

All Natural.
Keep it that way.

Complex like the
B.O.B. in GR


Do Not Block
the View with

Science + Industry Museum Park

Bike, Kayak, & Paddleboard Rentals

Dog Beach 
& Park

Drive In
Movie Theater

For Residents, Not
Just Tourists!

Public Access to
the Water

Why Waterfront Holland

With the retiring of the James De Young power plant in 2017 and the recent completion of the Holland Energy Park, our city has the unique opportunity to envision something new for the site. As we move forward, we realize that the potential of this project transcends this site and will impact how our community as a whole is viewed. The goal is to embrace what currently exists on the waterfront, including other local businesses, to create a waterfront environment integrating places to live, work, and play that are distinctly Holland.

From this broader Waterfront Holland framework developed by the community, specific land use and programming scenarios embodying the vision and principles will be generated in a collaborative manner for the JDY site.