Har Ye Kan and David Wilkins from the Waterfront Holland team presented our proposed vision statement and guiding principles to Holland’s City Council during a study session on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

The proposed statement and principles focus on our broader waterfront from South Shore Village to Holland Energy Park, including the James DeYoung power plant. The statement and elements were drafted based on elements from 2,784 ideas compiled from comments, letters and surveys gathered the past four months.

The proposed vision statement focuses on year-round accessibility that is affordable and inclusive to the Holland community. The statement reads:

Holland’s waterfront- a distinctive complement to our downtown weaving together water, land and people in a continuous thread of beauty and vibrancy… an adaptable and evolving place that celebrates a harmony of urban and natural uses… a walkable, year-round destination where water views abound, green spaces offer quiet respite and active play, and connected public access to the water is enhanced. This is the character of the waterfront we seek.

The presentation also included the guiding principles for the project focusing on accessibility, sustainability and diversity while celebrating the water.

  • Foster Community Accessibility- To, From, and Along the Water.
  • Pursue Environmental, Economic, and Equitable Sustainability.
  • Accommodate Diversity of Use, Users, and Developers.
  • Celebrate the Water(Front)

Response from council was very positive, and the vision and principles will be likely continue to be refined as the project heads into the vision development stage. Soon, we’ll be engaging key stakeholders from the business community, transportation, recreation and other subject area experts to provide additional feedback for upcoming design charrettes in April and May.

Please find a PDF of the presentation to council here.


What’s Next?

Moving into the Spring, we’ll be holding closed stakeholder workshops for subject matter experts and then two design charrettes in April and May that are open to the public

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