Reference Projects

The task of visioning our future waterfront is a large undertaking. However, we are not the first community to re-envision a mixed use waterfront or re-purpose the site of a retired power plant. We can benefit from looking at similar projects and processes from across our country and around the world. Below are listed some benchmarks the Waterfront Holland team is referencing during the design phase of our process.

Waterfront Reference Examples

Baltimore Inner Harbor 2.0

Baltimore, Maryland

Milwaukee Lakefront Gateway Plan

Milwaukee, WI

Grand Haven Waterfront Strategic Plan

Grand Haven, MI

New Haifa Waterfront Plan

Haifa, Israel

Chicago South Lakefront Plan

Chicago, IL

Seaholm Waterfront Concept Plan

Austin, TX

South Boston Waterfront Plan

Boston, MA

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn, NY

Waterfront Seattle

Seattle, WA

Waterfront Toronto

Toronto, CA

Adaptive Reuse Examples

Edison Power Plant

Boston, MA

Blackhawk Generating Station

Beloit College, WI

Seaholm Power Plant

Austin, TX

Potrero Power Station

San Francisco, CA

Hudson River Power Plant

Yonkers, NY


Bethlehem, PA

Seattle Gas Works Park

Seattle, WA

Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati, OH