Charrette Results

Charrette #1: The Broader Waterfront

Waterfront Holland held our first design charrette, which was focused on the broader waterfront, from April 15-18 with a summary presentation to the community in the evening on April 18. The design charrette initially produced eight potential concepts, which were eventually condensed to four unique ideas for transforming the waterfront. To view the powerpoint presentation, click here!

A. Working Waterfronts

The Economic and Environmental Waterfronts

  • Urban / Natural … Active / Passive
  • Recall the historic shoreline to be a form generator: Pine Ave into a parkway
  • Pine & River Ave: Two-Way Traffic
  • Create redevelopment/ activation nodes to the north and south of the industries North Node
  • North Node: Marina / Waterfront promenade + Mixed-use corridor along Howard Ave South Node
  • South Node: Marina + Potential museum along 8th Street (civic / educational / waterfront character)
  • Extend development northward, bookmarked + new park at College & 3rd Street
  • Create a boardwalk to Windmill Island
  • Potential pedestrian bridge to the north along old railroad connection through Central Ave

B. North Downtown

Shape the Character of North Downtown

  • North Downtown + Waterfront Activation
  • Extend the grid to the west and north
  • Partial swap with Brewer’s
  • Activate nodes at Pine/3rd, Pine/8th, College/3rd, College/8th Street
  • Create a topographic distinction between the waterfront and north downtown districts
  • Transform the rails to trails, Create a new public green at the apex
  • Complete the loop with pedestrian / bike path through Window-on-the- Waterfront
  • Create a park-like setting for the utilities
  • Activate the western gateway at VerPlank
  • Redevelop the Pfizer site
  • Build a new vehicular bridge at 3rd Street and Pfizer
  • Activate Van Bragt Park across the channel with a marina

C. Water Penetration

Introduce Blue Fingers into the Land

• Civic Center: Working waterfront channel for Padnos + potential pedestrian bridge
• JDY: Partial swap with Brewer’s, repurpose building, municipal marina, rejuvenate Van Bragt Park
• Pfizer: Redevelop to the waterfront edge, create a new harbor district with boat slips
• Window-on-the-Waterfront: Restore the natural water inlet
• Transform the rails to trails
• Create a new public green at the apex of the rails to trails
• Complete the loop with a harbor walk and pedestrian / bike path through Window-on-the-Waterfront
• Retain existing road network but activate nodes at Pine/3rd, Pine/8th, River/3rd, River/8th
• Enhance 3rd Street as a key east-west vehicular connector to the new harbor district

D. The W-Edge

Rejuvenate the Urban Wedge + Introduce the Water Wedge

  • 8th Street as an important edge: commerce and community
  • Stepped, northwest-running edge as an urban boundary separating north downtown and Window-on-the-Waterfront
  • Maintain Pine Ave’s alignment
  • Urban Wedge: Shape north downtown as a live-work, creative district; Continue the “working green” motif of HEP
  • Water Wedge: Create a new marina, Elevate Pine Ave as a bridge, Celebrate the Civic Center and JDY as the twin “lanterns” to the City
  • Redevelop Pfizer into a regional recreation center
  • Extend the waterfront promenade
  • Complete, walkable loop reflecting different characters (downtown + water + active recreation + natural green)

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