The Waterfront Holland team presented a final report to Holland City Council at its Dec 11 study session. The report summarized outcomes of our community visioning process including:

With input, City Council can now review and adopt these core documents (vision statement, guiding principles, vision diagram and key elements) at an upcoming regular session.

If adopted, the Waterfront Holland vision documents will serve as an evaluative criteria for future development proposals along our defined waterfront and for long-term development direction including potential areas for capital investment.

Councilmembers were supportive and thankful for this important work, inspired by the input of the local residents, businesses, organizations and subject matter experts.

City manager Keith Van Beek and HBPW general manager Dave Koster updated City Council about a pivot to begin implementing these plans, and they will be assembling another team to assess the value of the James De Young power plant site including the potential of land swap agreements with waterfront businesses.